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Neurodiverse Relationship Consulting


55 minutes


Are you in a neurodiverse relationship and need help learning better communication techniques or how to better support yourself and your partner? I can teach you how to understand eachothers needs, limits, and patterns so you can continue to strengthen and grow your relationship.

I am AuDHD, and my husband is ADHD, and we have been together for almost 20 years. Since finally learning to understand the neurodiversity in our house, our communication is better, we argue less, and we can better support eachother emotions and needs. We have even found ways to enhance our sex life by learning into the unique sensory systems at play.

These consulting sessions are not traditional or long term therapy. Working in a consulting model allows me to help you create behavioral change quickly. They are short-term, solution-focused sessions where we dynamically work together to help you learn to understand and proactively support your neurodivergent tendencies at play. I will help you create a plan(s) and outline the path to help keep you moving you forward without needing the regular weekly follow up of therapy. The goal of consulting is to help you learn to understand the causes of your behavior, problem-solve them, create a plan for how to address them in the future, and send you on your way.

We treat each consulting session as a single entity. We can meet once or we can meet multiple times; im here for whatever you feel you need. There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions.

Send me an email or use my contact form on the homepage and let me know how you think I can be helpful. If you are interested in scheduling, pleasse indiciate 1) your current time zone or location and 2) if there are certain days or times that would work best for your schedule. I will be in touch as soon as I can to finalize scheduling. Looking forward to it!

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