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Adult Neurodiversity Consult & Evaluation


2 hours


Are you an adult who is wondering if you are Neurodiverse (ASD and/or ADHD)? Have you been labeled "the quirky one" or "the dramatic one", but you know there is so much more to you than just that? I can help! I specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and support of "higher functioning" neurodiversity in adults, especially in females and non-traditional presentations.


I specialize in helping people who, like me, made it to adulthood without fully understanding this part of themself, but who never looked or operated like the stereotypes. I made it to my early 30’s without knowing I was neurodiverse, and it was my daughters neurodiversity diagnosis at 4.5 years old that eventually led to mine. Learning to understand this part of myself has been transformative, both personally and professionally. Now, I work with other neurodivergent adults like me and help them learn to proactively navigate their neurodivergence. I teach people to understand the science behind their neurodiversity and help them learn to differentiate themselves from the broken stereotypes that plague public opinion. I work from a strengths-based perspective, not the traditional medical or disability models; we are not broken.


What to expect:

The virtual consult will last 2 hours, and occur via "Simple Practice", which is my HIPPA-compliant practice management system. On the day of the consult, I will guide us through a conversation that is outlined by the psychological tests used to understand and diagnose neurodiversity. I try hard to have it feel more like a conversation than a static and standardized "True and False: Do you understand your emotions". I will walk you through my differential diagnosis process aloud, so you not only feel confident that I see you, but that you see yourself in my analysis. By the end of the 2 hours, you will have your answers and know if you are officially neurodiverse. No other follow up is required, but I am happy to continue to help you on your journey as needed.


What I can and can not help with:

I can help with most reasonable workplace and academic accommodations, as well as help create custom personal accommodations for everyday life, relationships, communications, whatever the need.

I do not help with things like SSDI or disability income, unemployment, housing assistance, etc. as these are complicated systems that vary by state, and often aren't designed to support most Autistic adults, (which is disappointing and irritating, but unfortunatly true). If this level of support is what you need, I recommend you find an instate provider who is willing to write a complete neuropsych eval that can be turned into your state for further review.

I do provide a letter confirming the outcome and validity of our conversation and the diagnosis, but I do not provide a full neuropsychological report, as the vast majority of HF adults do not need one. The letter is enough for workplace, academic and personal accommodations, but not for state or federal aid. If you are looking for an understanding, validating, educational, problem-solving and supporting approach accompanied by the official "Yes" or "No" with neurodiversity, then I am here and ready to help!  

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