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Consulting Services

Parent Consulting (in person and teletherapy)
As a parent consultant, I offer sessions with parents to talk about specific behavioral concerns they may have for their child or children. I will work with you to create a customized behavioral plan and help you with the follow-through. We can schedule follow up appointments as needed to check progress or adjust the plan. 
I also offer consulting services for:
  • Advocacy (school, medical appointments, therapies, etc.)
  • IEP or 504 creation or review
  • Education (learn about neurodiversity)
  • Accommodation requests and rights
  • Teaching your child to advocate for themselves
I am happy to provide teletherapy to clients anywhere in the country. While I do not offer teletherapy for young children, I do work with adolescents and adults via a HIPPA compliant platform. Parenting consultation can also be done via teletherapy. 
Please contact me to discuss availability and pricing for your specific needs. 
Organizational and Business Consulting
The Neurodiversity Institute offers a series of complex workplace solutions to help your organization thrive.
We offer services including:
  • Customized organizational analysis and data presentation (cultural, personnel, talent, efficiency, knowledge, etc.).
  • Public speaking and customized presentations on data-driven findings and specifically designed performance improvement plans. 
  • Creation of an individualized management plan to address areas of concern.
  • Review of existing HR and policy documentation and language to ensure adequate diversity and inclusion representation 
  • Full cultural competency creation, management training, and training material creation. 
  • Expert conflict resolution and critical thinking consultations for change or crisis management.
  • Access to industry-leading experts with decades of consulting and therapeutic knowledge.
  • And more...
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